Stop Smoking - more easily and quickly

Stop Smoking NowHypnotherapy is a highly effective way of overcoming your smoking habit for once and for all!
Hypnotherapy has been proven to be the most effective method of Smoking Cessation by Which magazine, The New Scientist magazine and a study in the University of Iowa (in 2005) of a group of 72,000 smokers worldwide.


Do you want to stop smoking but feel like you're trapped by your own addiction and it's too hard to stop? 

Well it can be easier than you imagine AND without nicotine patches, gum and withdrawal symptoms. 


Imagine what it would be like for you if you can escape that prison of smoking and easily become and remain a non-smoker?

Provided that you want to stop smoking, my programme can work irrespective of how many cigarettes you smoke or for how long you have smoked.

The reason the Create Change stop smoking programme is so successful is because unlike many one-fits-all treatments it is specifically tailored to overcoming YOUR smoking habit and includes a powerful combination of Hypnotherapy and NLP to effectively retrain the unconscious mind. The idea of willpower, or lack of it, is irrelevant as factors are addressed that are causing you to smoke, such as stress and fear. Old negative patterning is replaced with the positive beliefs, habits and feeling of being a non-smoker. Helping you feel back in control, more relaxed and confident minimises the withdrawal pangs of irritability, mood swings and cravings - the main reasons why people fail to quit smoking permanently.

After the stop smoking programme you will:
feel healthier and happier
feel no urge to smoke 


ü being back in control again
ü being free from the whole never ending cycle of smoking 
ü feeling healthier
ü being free from the smell of smoke
ü spending your money on better things instead of going  up in smoke
ü gaining a sense of achievement!

What you can save financially when you stop smoking*

Cigarettes per day 10 20 40
1 year £1,051.20 £2,102.40 £4,204.80
2 years £2,102.40 £4,204.80 £8,409.60
5 years £5,256.00 £10,512.00 £21,024.00
10 years £10,512.00 £21,020.40 £42,040.80

*Based on an example packet of Silk Cut cigarettes sold at £5.76.

If you are ready to stop smoking - and make it easier for yourself - why not take the first step now! 

For a free no-obligation telephone consultation you can: 

> email

> telephone 075 311 03388 - do leave a message if I am working with a client and unable to take your call.

I will contact you shortly. 



Top 5 benefits you can gain when you stop smoking

1. Feel healthier
2. Increase your fitness
3. Live longer
4. Look & smell better
5. Have more money

How much you can save when you stop smoking

Create Change Success 

"I never thought it would be so easy"